About Arka Advertising

Arka is Sanskrit for Sun, the source of life. In advertising arka brings your communication to life. Established in the year 2002, arka brings together a wide spectrum of experience and talent together. In a market where cut- throat competition is an everyday reality, arka services the clients in a delightfully nurturing manner. Just as growth is crucial to business, client satisfaction is crucial and top priority to arka. We believe that our work must take the client from point a to point b and we put our heart and soul into doing that.

The team is small but experienced enough to handle your demands.


Arka offers clients two refreshing things:

Big agency experience without the big agency bureaucracy arka brings together a group of professionals who have survived the long haul in multinational advertising. The wealth of experience gives these professionals the ability to see round the corner and below the surface- qualities that are essential for communication that's on the spot.


Big bang for your advertising buck


Arka treats the clients' money the way we would treat our own money. We spend it wisely and cautiously, maximizing each rupee to ensure that every buck gets us the biggest b.

In an environment that is increasingly competitive, we believe our values will take our business and that of our client a long way, because in the success of our clients lies our own success.


We offer wide range of services ranging from designing to advertising.