Client Testimonials

It's a pleasure to work with Arka Advertising. What is heartening is Arka team's ability to translate user requirement to a finished artwork with minimal iterations which testifies about their capabilities to understand the client's requirements in-depth and very precisely.

One of the important things that the client works against is time. It is in this race against time that the Arka team stands out as the vital cog in the wheel. Their ability to turnaround client requirements quickly is something which we are very happy about.

Gopala Krishnan


ARKA ADVERTISING has shared the birth and growth of our organisation, the Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad since 2004, and perhaps actually contributed to this process itself through a variety of print matter and visual documentation of our work.

We have consisently collaborated over the last five years on several projects some of them rather unique in nature where ARKA through Mr Rajender, he and his Team have transformed an idea into a visual statement. His creative inputs, his effeciency, professional delivery as well as an intensenly human approach to work and people has been not only his asset but has also greatly contributed in smooth and successful collaboration with him and his Team. Quality of his work and scheduled delivery remain his strength.

It has indeed been a fruitful working with Mr Rajender and the ARKA Team.

Amita Desai, Executive Director




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